Productivity and a “Yay!” for Podcasts

I am experiencing a wave of productive energy that I am riding for all it’s worth. Knowing that my friends are arriving Friday, I realized that cleaning should happen before that time. Well, tomorrow is out due to knitting fun, so I mentally prepared myself all day for the scrub that I knew must happen this evening. Usually I am really exhausted when I get home, so though it may sound silly to prepare for something so trivial, I really wanted to be energized enough to accomplish the task. I think I overdid it a little, because I was not only inspired to clean like a crazy lady, but I also sent off multiple emails that needed to happen and I am about to go through my heavy-duty stretching regiment. In other news, I discovered another way that my Iphone is probably one of the best gifts I have ever received. I realize that Apple is not a sparkling paragon of corporate morality, but I dearly love their products. My Iphone has continued to impress me with how much it improves my existence in large ways and small. For example, today it provided a way to make my endless lonely hours far more enjoyable. When I am working, I don’t like to wear ear phones because I worry that I might not hear something important (be it phone or something more hazardous like a falling object), thus music and podcasts are not usually an option. Also, much as I love music, it can get a little monotonous on occasion. Enter my Iphone with its built in speakers and the PodCruncher app. The house I work in is usually very quiet, so I can happily listen to my podcasts with my phone tucked neatly in the fluorescent pink apron that the Costume Shop kindly lent me (keeping paint off my clothes is a whole new experience for this panda). Today’s podcast choice was Stuff You Should Know, which is a fantabulous podcast that I highly recommend to anyone with a curiosity about anything and everything. Allowing my mind to feed on something audio, while also visually enjoying the paintwork I am doing at the moment (lots of neon), makes my work go so much more quickly, and I am less aware of the creepiness of my location. Plus, I got something really pretty in that mail, so that just means the day got that much better!!


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