What a Ride

The last few days have been an incredible ride thus far. Why, in just the last three days I have:

– Worked a night shift (got cut a little short, but it still counts!)

-Learned how to operate a fork lift… just in time for me to stop spending time at the offsite warehouse.

– Shared an excellent evening with a crew of people who I am missing sorely.

-Got to play with all sorts of fun materials and effects for the haunted house I am currently working within.

Basically, I got shifted in my work place to go play with the guys who are major players in creating the halloween event here. I spend the majority of my day with Renaissance Man, who is the art director of the project, and together we are responsible for taking care of paint notes within the various houses. I cannot tell you much beyond that at the moment, but suffice it to say my job is turning into a whole slew of fun projects that I know the majority of the populace will never be able to say they did during a typical workday. The only slightly sad part is that I am no longer working directly with my normal slew of coworkers, and that does put a slight damper on the work sometimes. While I definitely love having my space, working alone in spooky haunted houses is a little disconcerting. Still, I am hardly complaining, and I am just glad to be doing work that is introducing me to new techniques while still being within my skill set. Work is well and glad, I had a delicious ciabatta loaf for dinner, and Handsome and Wonder Woman arrive in three days!!!!!!


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