The Weight of a Blessing

Everything decided to happen all at once. Kind of like a movie, how everything gets compacted together. When you finish a movie, you feel like you just lived a whole year of experiences, but you have really only sat through two and a half hours. I guess I just was not ready to feel so full so quickly. I am not saying that all is perfect and I spend my days merrily frolicking about through an ideal lifestyle (mercy I would love to hear what kind of images that statement conjures up for everyone). Rather I am saying that I am beyond blessed in more ways than I was prepared to acknowledge in so short a time. Blessings carry weight. It is a lovely weight, and not at all like a burden, but blessings must be actively held, cuddled, and noticed. So much is taken for granted in my own life, and I do not want the beautiful things that are part of my everyday to become things that I enjoy while they are new, and then put on the shelf when they are less novel. Trouble is, I am so overwhelmed by all that I have, I feel an ache for all those who either are without, or are too caught up in the machine of existing to notice the light surrounding. I guess all this rambling culminates in this; I am rich in the weight of what is most lovely in this present place, and therefore I am well.


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