So Excited!

I am beyond completely excited for next week. First of all, looks like this panda is getting shifted in her workplace to do something she enjoys. (Not to say I have not been enjoying my job up to this point, but you will understand my meaning as I explain further). I was approached by Big Man 1 this past week, and he asked if I would be interested in working with the group of people currently putting together the haunted houses for the halloween event. The basic idea is that I would act as an assist for paint restoration and adjustments that need to happen in the houses before the event actually gets geared up. Big Man 1 told me that he thought I might be a good fit and set me up with an interview with the artistic director and head of scenic for the event. The day of the interview proved rather entertaining considering Big Man 1 neglected to mention that I should bring in my portfolio, which resulted in a mad dash back to the apartment to acquire it. The interview itself went very well, and supposedly I start playing with these nightmare fabricators on Monday. I am itching to get back to even a little bit of paintwork, so I am practically giddy with the prospect of this opportunity. While I am freaking out with joy over that prospect, I am also steeling myself for Sunday where I get to work 6PM-3AM in order to strike one of the shows here. I honestly don’t mind the nightwork, Lord knows I pulled enough all-nighters in college to be used to such hours. Still, tis going to make a long Monday considering that I am also coming in later that day. In spite of all, the thing that is most keeping me going is the end of next week. Both Wonder Woman and Handsome are coming to visit, and I am practically bubbling over with how much I can’t wait to see them. I have met wonderful people here, but I definitely sorely miss the lovelings I have left scattered over this coast. Knowing that two of those lovelings are going to be here is enough to spread a grin full across my face every time I remember the fact. All I need to do is just get through some more days at work, which is looking even brighter than usual, and then I can have some stolen moments with people I love.


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