Hold on Tight

Buckle up pandas, things just went insane. This week and next week are going to find me running back and forth all through my work place, and then some besides. Things started crazy today. I began the day with a crash course (not literally…at least not this morning 😉 in driving a golf cart. Aside from the fact that it was really cool to be trusted with driving it, I hate the golf cart. Just the whole starting and stopping is really jarring, and while I can definitely say I feel more comfortable driving the thing after today, I will definitely not seek the opportunity outside of necessity. Most of my morning was spent lifting all sorts of heavy stuff with Baloo and Smalls. Smalls and I even had the distinct pleasure of moving some doors that were made of real iron, which, suffice it to say, sucked a whole heck of a lot. After lunch, where did I find myself but in a larger golf cart, toddling about with Baloo to do some safety checks on the various houses for the halloween event. Again, golf carts, not matter the size, are not ever going to make it into my list of favorite things (why couldn’t they ask me to drive a Swiffer? I am super good at that). Anyhow, wouldn’t you know that right as I was supposed to leave, a huge thunderstorm struck. While I could have stayed in the warehouse, I decided to risk the drive. Not the wisest choice I ever made, but I have definitely made far worse inclement weather decisions. Now I am here, and awaiting more craziness to come seeing as how my “normal” schedule has been turned on its head. Just call me a tumbleweed caught in a tornado, and the wind is only just starting to gather momentum.


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