Taking Care of Business and a Critter Experience

The last two days were more full than I anticipated. Yesterday, I discovered that there were many things that I had let slip by the wayside as I attempted to take care of the car registration kerfuffle. This realization led to many an hour on my computer trying to update my online world, and researching places where I might get a hair cut (eeeeepppppp!!!). I also had the distinct pleasure of lovely phone conversations with both Persephone and Herculine so the day did not want for social activity. Today started off with a bit of a critter adventure. I opened my door to go out on errands, and the tiniest flash of motion caught the very tip of my vision. I gently edged the blanket aside (I put it at the foot of the door when I am home to help keep the air from escaping the gap), and I was faced with a lizard. Now, I have no problem with reptiles, and I certainly see these little boogers all over the place here. However, I do not put up with any type of small creature (domesticated pets not included) in my territory. They have the whole big wide world outside, they can leave me the space that I pay for every month. I proceeded to persuade the little guy that he should take himself outside. Success seemed within reach, I got the door fully closed…and then watched as he zipped right back inside through the crack under the door. Well, determined to not worry about a reptilian bedmate this evening, I traipsed back inside and wrestled the unwelcome guest into a cup (possibly at the cost of some of his limbs, which I do feel a little badly about, but I am fairly sure he can grow those back :/), and then deposited him in a bush on ground level. After that adventure, the day passed simply, and I managed to hang my pictures (see two posts down). I am back at work bright and early tomorrow, and I hopefully will not be again detained by a scaly intruder.


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