Never a Dull Moment

Spent the day playing in the park doing all sorts of odd tasks. I was teamed with Sassafras, and we were joined by Inked in the morning and Goofy in the afternoon. Although the heat was its usual level of despicable, I actually really enjoyed being out and about taking care of the various tasks outside the warehouse. Part of the joy (and sometimes curse) of my job is that I can never expect to do the same thing on a daily basis. Sure, some days will mean sorting cable in the warehouse, but it can just as easily be a day spent driving to-and-fro to various haunted houses currently under construction to fix,find, and relocate various things. I got a lot of chances to drive the van today, and despite some grumbles about my snail’s pace, I did not do too poorly. Dinner was a truly fascinating event that found Sassafras and myself dining with the Philosopher, Pierrepont, Pot-Stirrer, and Young Blood (the last two also being people from work). The meal was delicious, at times poignant, and overall a good time among eclectic company. At the end of the meal, Sassafras and I toddled off to have some fun at the dollar store where I bought frames so I can finally hang some pictures in this place. After such a week, I find my thoughts swirling in a fashion that makes me feel dizzy, and it does not help that I am pleasantly exhausted with my days so full. Perhaps my mind will make me less unsteady with some sleep, and thus I bid thee, fair reader, a fond good night.


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