Just One of Those (Good) Days

I am a fully registered driver in this state!!!!! (All my local readers do keep yourselves off the sidewalk ;). It has been a long and extremely stressful (not too mention expensive) endeavor, but I am now fully confident that I only have to worry about other drivers and not potentially being arrested for lacking certain paperwork. My morning started off quite early with an attempt to correct a pretty moment I had yesterday. Apparently I seemed to think that the uniform of another coworker (who only started today as a matter of fact) would fit me just as well as my own. Unfortunately, I did not realize this error until late in the evening, and we came in before the area where the uniforms are kept was open. I was almost given to despair when they (people who work in that area) did not arrive at the expected hour, but Goofy totally came through and with his help I managed to grab my uniform in reasonable time and start the day. Work passed simply, and I left with enough time to go to the DMV. This is one of those times (what am I saying, such times happen basically every second) where I am glad I knit. Granted I was served in fairly reasonable time, but I still was waiting long enough to make a body antsy. While others were tangled within the web of discontent and impatience, I happily knit away while taking in a book on my kindle (currently re-reading Game of Thrones). Places like the DMV are merely opportunities to make some excellent headway on a project, plus at this point I am just grateful when I get into any place that is air conditioned. Well, I arrived home with a brand new shiny plate that I quickly fixed on my car. Also, wonder of wonders, the electronic I thought was gone forever was miraculously returned. When I discovered my Ipod was missing, I called the leasing office just for posterity. Low and behold some minor angel turned in my beloved Ipod that I had accidentally left in the gym. To add to the loveliness, I managed to get my good friend Aeneas on the phone for a lengthy chat. Top all this off with a wonderful evening knitting away with ZeldaStark and the rest of the motley knitting group. Yes, this was a brilliant day in the neighborhood.


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