An Aside

Sometimes I think I write this blog just to keep track of myself, let alone allow others to keep track of my adventures. I mean, there is certainly a weirdness to a culture that encourages people to place so much of themselves under public scrutiny, but I have come to find a certain liberation as well. I could never keep track of my every day existence in the journals I keep. No, journals have always been extremely sacred for me. Trying to hand write a chronicle of the mundane became a chore very early on in my existence, thus my private journals became more of the playground for my poetry and other more eccentric musings (yes, more eccentric than this drivel, I promise it’s possible). In this online arena, I am pleasantly surprised to find that I am consistently keeping record, and I believe the difference is that I feel more as if I am in a conversation rather than just a private testament. Even though it is certainly very heavy relation on my side, just knowing that your eyes are scanning the page, taking in what I write, you complete the transfer. I am sharing rather than just privately exploding, which nudges me to continue onward, and also allows me a large measure of joy to think that you have chosen to allow my words to be apart of your day. I guess I just wanted to take a quick post to say that I am glad you are reading, and I am glad that my normally fickle nature has not eclipsed my desire to keep onward with this tale. 


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