Driving Large Vehicles and an Evening Well Spent

My normal pattern to the day is pretty simple, and usually allows me to do dinner fairly early and relax most of the evening. Well, that certainly went up in smoke this evening in a most glorious and heart-warming fire. First, and having not much to do with the evening running late, I got to drive the van today! And no there were no accidents or injuries to speak of, although there was a moment in the beginning where I was stunningly beautiful when it came to actually starting the darn thing. Thankfully only Sassafras and Papa Duck were actual witnesses to my excellent display of good looks. Anyway, I was a little nervous when Baloo clipped the keys to my pocket and to told me I was driving the van. Until this afternoon I had never driven anything larger than a Rav4, and that was years ago for a hot second. Thankfully, the van drove far more smoothly than I anticipated and we arrived completely intact to our destination. I arrived back feeling more energetic than usual because my work was fairly low activity (testing a never ending black hole of Christmas joy), so I decided to take this energy to the gym. Wouldn’t ya know, I ran into a friend that I made at the pool yesterday, and we had a lovely chat. Then, Wonder Woman called, and I became engrossed in that conversation until well past my normal dinner time which reduced me to another hodgepodge food night. To top all of this off, I need to be sure I get extra rest this evening, because guess who is joining some of her coworkers bright and early to have coffee with the President of the park. Yup, this girl (sans coffee for me. Intake of caffeine in front of the park president would be a surefire way to terminate my employment). I will be sure to come bearing all the delectable details of that chat on the morrow.


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