Listening (classes, coworkers, tapping)

Oi what a day! Can we talk about how much was accomplished in this one day alone? Excellent, I am so glad you are pumped. So, traipsed off to the DMV this morning to start the process of getting myself all Florida registered, which meant a shiny new license. Thank God a thousand times over that I got myself there hella early, because the line had already started and was at least 30 people long by the time the thing actually opened. I was immediately and most kindly served by a lovely woman named Toni, who not only took care of my immediate license need, but also gave me all sorts of helpful information for the actual registration portion of my process anddddd she also registered me to vote. All of this only took about a half hour which meant I got to work within okay time. Today found me in the Christmas portion of our warehouse with a task that I cannot go into detail about (again, top secret), but Sassafras and Pierrepont made wonderful company. Sassafras also came bearing the news that the park was offering a driving safety class today that we all were scheduled to attend!!! Why is that so exciting? Well, unless you go through this 3 hour course, you as employee are not allowed to operate any company vehicle, even something as simple as a golf cart. It also does not help that the class is not offered very often as was evidenced by the fact that the one today is probably the last until next season. I am extremely lucky that I was able to attend one at all, let alone so early in my employment. The class was fairly straightforward with some deliciously ridiculous videos to keep us all from checking out. I am now immediately good to drive our big van, and I have every intention of seeking out certification to drive some of the other bad boys so stay tuned. I spent the last portion of my day happily listening to the Philosopher, a coworker who has a wonderful depth for intelligent conversation. This listening passed my final hour, and then it was home where I cleaned my place before sitting down here. I still am utterly relieved to have the new license and that the end to this dilemma is in sight. Although, I look at the new piece of plastic and I feel strangely moved. Sort of like that moment when you go to push the puzzle piece into placed and it fights back a little, even though it clearly is supposed to go in that place. That kickback is always that whisper, the one that taps quietly for the moment. Eventually, it will get loud enough to make my skin itch again, but not yet. Quiet enough for the moment with only a shift here and there to remind me of its presence. Don’t worry, I will never stop listening.


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