Water Rat

I love swimming. My mom always called me a water rat, and the title is totally appropriate. I could spend all day suspended in the water, just diving in and out, purely languishing in the sensation. There may be some things about where I live that I am not so keen on (the despicable heat and certain motor vehicle laws are the two big ones at the moment), but I feel like an absolute princess simply because I have access to a pool every day. When I was younger, we were allowed to go to the pool located in the condominium village behind my house. While the pool was large an wonderful, going to it meant a bit of a walk and, for a long time, the willingness of my father to take me. My two biggest childhood desires were a horse and a pool in our own yard. We owned a hot tub, and I totally misused that thing into the ground, basically treating it as an extension of my bathtub that was almost a pool(ish). Any place I can swim is paradise be it beach, lake, or pool. Though the pool here is small, it is well kept and it is water that I can immerse myself in after a long day at work. Do you want to know one of my favorite sensations? Jumping into a pool (I never enter slowly), and rather than immediately surfacing, staying on the bottom to feel the bubbles rush upwards. They brush all over my skin and through my hair like thousands of beads vortexing across my pores. Try it some time, feels like you are inside a laugh.


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