Mail, cords, and spindles

This day proved to be a day full of excellence. I managed to get to the post office to pick up a very important piece of mail, while still arriving to work on time (even with a random car search, yay being one of every 20th vehicle!). Anyway, another awesome thing that occurred is that Papa Duck finally taught me how to fix extension cords. I know, so exciting you are absolutely green with envy. May sound silly, but I have witnessed lighting people fix things for years, and I am always utterly spellbound. All the little screws and parts, and the clipping and the fitting of wires…I am a nerd and do not pretend you are any better. Plus, repairing is a useful skill that I would like to enhance, and poor Papa Duck has had to put up with my incessant “I really want to learn that,” basically since I got here. Today finally presented the opportunity for me to learn, and as luck would find it there is a huge box of cords in need of repair (joy). Finally, and probably most wonderfully, I was gifted today with two gorgeous drop spindles. Turns out Baloo makes them, and he stopped in today to hand me a walnut shaft that could be fitted with two whorls that were different in weight. I was beyond ecstatic, and because they are low whorl drop spindles (all my others are high) I now have excellent reason to learn a new method of spinning. Now, I just have to come up with fitting names for them :).


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