Pleasures Large and Small

Today was a fairly simple, lazy day. There was a huge spike of joy when my dad called to tell me that he had officially gotten the position as pastor at Long Branch Baptist Church, and I cannot even begin to describe how much relief flooded through me. The last two years have been particularly hard on our family, and through it all my parents have been genuine in their grief, but still managed to conduct themselves with grace and love. I am beyond lucky to have such parents as these, and I pray with everything I am that this next assignment proves to be much more worthy of them than the place they are leaving. Aside from this huge show of answered prayer, there were the quiet things that brought a great deal of pleasure. The main set came when I was at the pool. Right beside the pool at my complex is a little pond with a fountain. Barely anything to sneeze at, but it attracts all sorts of fowl and aquatic life. After taking a dip in the pool, I sat on a bench facing the pond to knit while I was waiting for my laundry. It may make me sound like an old biddy, but I love watching the ducks and the ibises go on their merry way. I also got to see the ducklings that I mentioned in an earlier post, although now they are almost as big as their mother. They swim about in a little cluster, sometimes falling in line, other times venturing a little further to investigate some algae. As I was considering making my exit, a tiny movement right at the edge of the pond closest to me caught my attention. Startled and delighted, I watched a tiny turtle, his shell a most perfect mimicry of the surrounding algae, poke his head above the water to munch on something too small for me to see. He continued this for a moment or so, and then dove beneath the water, his wake splitting a path in the surface flora above. I am a five year old at heart, and turtles, squirrels, ducks, and deer will always bring me a small measure of delight.


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