A Mary Poppins Day (Practically Perfect in Every Way)

Yesterday was a riot of anxiety, but today made up for it in the smallest and largest ways. A big way was knitting tonight. I joined ZeldaStark, freshly de-tonsiled, and Baloo who, although he does not knit, was kind enough to drive us. The evening was that pleasant mix of tea and knitting among fantastic people that lifts one’s spirit like few other combinations. Work today, while again exhausting, also proved satisfying with a few lovely surprises (the main event for me being the red velvet cheesecake that Goofy magically procured for us during lunch). However, a huge portion of my happy surprises came from people in the WordBridge company, or something related to the experience. First, I got to talk in depth about my WordBridge experience with one of the rather important higher-ups in my department (coincidentally the one who called me with the official offer). He asked what I had done in the weeks prior to arriving at the park, and I just got to happily explain about WordBridge. Later, I received emails from two of the company members who hold strong places in my heart. One I had been anticipating somewhat, but the other was a completely exciting surprise. Both brought a huge windswept joy to my heart , and then the final awesome occurred. A very dear friend of mine, who I will call WonderWoman, gave me a call today. She is a friend I made in school, and she also happened to be a vital part of the Lab so her call fit in with the WordBridge theme. Wouldn’t you know, by the end of the conversation we had arranged for her to come visit me later in the summer!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, another very special guest will be arriving at the exact same time :). Thus, my head explodes with the goodness that came with this day.


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