What is Necessary

Living in a new place is an interesting challenge. The challenge is even more interesting when you only have what you could fit in a small passenger car plus a topper. Add to that uncertain financial fluctuations that come with getting into the groove of any new job and you have a recipe for a true adventure, not to mention a strong test of faith. Questions start being asked about what one actually needs, and if one does determine one will eventually need it, then how long can the need be deferred? For example, I have discovered that I will eventually need silverware. Do not give me that look, I have not been going mediaeval on my meals. I just got a huge box of plastic utensils because I realized that while I will need silverware eventually, I can do with a less reliable version for the interim. Most of the stuff that I am doing without I will need to acquire at some point. However, I am trying an experiment to see if I miss something that I would very much like to not purchase if it can be helped. It is a household appliance that I once considered part of the bare necessities, but lately I am finding that I have less need of it than I originally thought. What is this mysterious piece of machinery? Why, none other than the microwave. Again, try not to consider whether or not my sanity is intact. I assure you that I have not been working my job long enough to question my mental faculties (although that may need reassessment come October). I started considering going sans microwave on my drive down. Trust me, when you have a 16 hour drive you can consider almost everything, and the plans for a new microwave came up in the thought patterns. I grumbled to myself that this was going to be a pain considering there was no way to take it with me when I moved on, and therefore I would be buying a new one at every turn, blah blah blah, whine whine whine. Somewhere in the midst of this interior pity party, I began to wonder….do I really need a microwave? I grabbed on to this thought tentatively at first, and then with the abandon of a shark to a chum rig. All the things I use a microwave for can be replicated through other appliances that I already have at my disposal. Sure a microwave is convenient, but convenient does not equal necessary. I easily heated up my leftover pork ragu this evening, and I dare say it even tasted better than usual (of course that could come from my psychological triumph amping up my taste buds to further justify my decision, but that’s not the point). I will let you know if I end up purchasing one in the future, but for the moment, that extra counter space is really handy.


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