Evening Adventures on the DOA

The pictures in the previous posts all beautifully depict my daytime activities, but my night was just as wonderful. After perusing the park in the morning, I bid my coworkers adieu and I promptly went home to nap for a bit. Once I was conscious again, it wasn’t long before She-Wolf kindly came to whisk me back to the park. First, we went to see Iceplorations, which is a combination of ice-dancing, awesome puppets, and live animals. I am a fan of anything sparkly with awesome ice-skating so I was completely enthralled. Plus, that is the show that She-Wolf works on so I got to hear all the little tidbits that made my technician’s heart go pitter patter. The only thing that made me slightly sad was that my mom couldn’t be there to see it because she would have loved the show just as much as myself. From there, we went to Kinetix, which is a concert/light show/ acrobatic/ fireworks display. Again, lots of sparkle, and people performing awesome physical feats. I can only describe it as pure fun. A truly magnificent way to end the day.


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