Day of Awesome (2)(Please see below for 1)

Speaking of diesel African wildlife, the hippopotamus is probably one of the most terrifying animals in the cutest package. The little ears, the big eyes, do not be fooled. Sure in the second picture, that huge thing is holding its mouth open for corn. However, ZeldaStark and I later watched her toy around with a log that was about the size of a fully grown tree. She just picked it up in an out of the water, like it weighed no more than Q-tip. Yeesh! One of the few non-animal related photos, this is a picture of myself, the coworkers I joined with for my morning park adventures, and the belly dancers who perform at the park. They were actually a joy to watch, and I hope to one day post the video I took of one routine.  And God bless them for doing all that, in those costumes, in that despicable heat!

Ahh, flamingoes. I have a not so secret love of exotic birds, particularly those that are tall and long in the neck. Besides, that shade of pink is warm and delightful. To top it off, look at that adorable little fuzzball, could he get any more awkwardly precious!!!


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