A Day of Awesome (1)

So, we will begin with the photo tour of my day yesterday. I only have photos of my daytime activities, but I will be describing my nighttime activities in so much detail I am sure photos will not be necessary ;). I did also take a good deal of video, but unfortunately the camera is not talking to my computer at the moment. So, until that glitch is corrected, photos will have to do. Also, most of the pictures that follow are of fuzzy and feathered residents of the park, because I am not much one for roller coasters (although Baloo somehow convinced me to go on one in particular the day before our Halloween event picks up. Eep!). Seeing as how my computer got mad when I tried this all as one post, I am going to break it into three parts. Below, you will see me posing ever so cutely on a gorilla statue. Note the shade that Baloo says was put in because guests kept burning themselves when it was fully exposed to the sun.

These little guys slay me! I never realized they were so tiny, and the way their heads all turn together is absolutely charming.

Even though very few people like the hyena, I personally think they are pretty diesel. Awesome jaw pressure, matriarchal power structure, and they can run a lion off a kill.



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