Second day, end of my first “week”

I am rather fond of my job. I can tell that I am not going completely love it all the time, but I get straightforward work that allows me to just commit to a task without having to worry about all the usual anxieties that I insist on manifesting. I know it’s only the second day, and I have no doubt there will be ample opportunity for anxiety. Still, I feel like I have a decent sense of what is expected of me, and at the moment it feels good to play little guppy. I get along swimmingly with my coworkers, all of whom have fascinating stories and abilities aside from the fact that they are top-notch techs. Baloo hand makes drop spindles and spinning wheels, Papa Duck has lived in every one of the continental United States, Pierrepont can talk down to the dirty about all things Batman, and ZeldaStark is a kindred spirit with a fantastic laugh. Those are only the people I have really gotten into conversation with thus far, but everyone that I have met in my little wedge of park personnel has been approachable and nice. Tomorrow, I actually get to go play in the park as a guest with some of my coworkers. I know they are probably all about the rides, but I am personally on a quest to visit the animals and familiarize myself with the park (which I get into for free btw). If I am having a smart morning, I will bring my camera and hopefully return to this page with some pictures for all you lovely cats and dogs who have been awesome enough to give this chronicle a look. I have every intention of playing and resting this weekend before my first full week on the job. I am well, I am alive, and I hopefully get to feed kangaroos on the morrow!


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