Tis an Awesome Start When it Ends with Knitting

The first day at my new job is complete, and I am experiencing the pleasant kind of exhaustion that comes from being active all day. The first part of the day was spent helping Baloo and Papa Duck (two co-workers of more senior status than myself) with the task of loading, unloading, and transporting things around the park. During these runs, I got to view gators so large just the tail alone was the circumference of my entire body. I also got a quick glimpse of the cheetahs, which still stunned me even just walking about in their enclosure. Baloo, one of our supervisors, kindly treated Pierrepont and myself to lunch, and then we commenced with our second task of the day. Pierrepont and I were tasked with sorting, checking, coiling, tagging, and rehanging miles worth of extension cords (here called stingers) that Papa Duck is attempting to organize. Even though the job is dusty and tedious, I actually enjoy these types of asinine tasks. They allow one’s mind to roamwhile still having a very specific focus. Baloo described the technicians as “park ninjas,” because you never see us, but our work has huge effects the rest of the place as a whole. Although the work continued happily, the best came at the end. At lunch, I mentioned to Baloo that I knit. He immediately insisted that I connect with another technician who also really loves the craft. Upon meeting her and geeking out for a few minutes, she invited me to her knit group meeting this very evening. Beyond delighted with the invite, I became even more enthused when ZeldaStark told me that the group met at a tea place right down the street from my new apartment. I did indeed go this evening, and I spent two lovely hours in the company of some very fine knitters who graciously accepted me into their fold. ZeldaStark herself showed me the finer points of this truly awesome tea place that will surely need its own separate post in order for me to do it justice. I have not been a part of a knitting group for a long time, and I find it extremely funny that I found one so quickly in one of the hottest places in the United States. Such a magnificent day, and now on to work again on the morrow!


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