Pre-First day jitters

Processing yesterday, orientation today, and on to the first day of work tomorrow. I swear, I feel like I am back at the beginning of elementary school. You know the feeling, all the crisp new pencils packed in that super-cool backpack your mom bought because you loved the blue pocket on the side, and all the while that excited anticipation mixed with a strong desire to regress back to being a drooling toddler who never even had to consider where to go to the bathroom. However, after a dinner with a new friend I met at orientation (who will be referred to as Pierrepont from here on), I am feeling a stronger inclination towards the excitement. He too shared my slight trepidation, but he also reminded me of something I constantly forget; do not worry. God says don’t do it, doctors say avoid it, and countless musical artists also rail against it, so why do I continue to let it gnaw  at my joy? The truth is that worrying is a by-product of being a control freak, which is probably the most pointless personality type. I have no control over anything beyond how I choose to react to what is thrown at me, and even that is manipulated by an overwhelming plethora of factors beyond my immediate comprehension in the moment of my decision. Thus, I am taking the opportunity here and now. I am dismissing worry, handing it over to the One who actually has any sort of say in this cosmic soup, and choosing to just be excited about tomorrow. Hobey ho, so I go!


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