Thank You Notes

In the past, I considered thank you notes to be the most odious task next to gym class and going to the orthodontist. Indeed, much as I loved receiving gifts, I also dreaded the moment my mother would enter the room with the set of doom (list of addresses, envelopes, actual cards, and a pen). Just thinking about it causes my hand to cramp. However, as I got older and the notes stopped being an obligation, I found the task not so onerous. Indeed, most recently I realized that as long as I do not feel like I have to do them, the thank you notes are actually a brilliant way to relay gratitude in a manner unpolluted by the shorthand of technological language. This evening, I wrote two thank you notes of my own volition, to people who had not even given me a physical gift.
Before coming to this location, I participated inWordBridge Playwrights Laboratory, which is an experience that has left me quite changed for the better as an artist and a human being. The notes were to the people who were hugely responsible for offering us a wonderful facility to conduct the Lab. I met both briefly, but not long enough to warrant the enthusiasm I had for writing these thank you notes. I still had to use some force of will to write my graduation thank you’s, so why were these so special? Don’t misunderstand, I am actually grateful to the people, and the notes were quite sincere, it was just the fervor that puzzled me. Then I realized something important; I was not thanking them for the use of the building, it was just another way to say thank you to the entire WordBridge Company. Without the extra small ways of showing gratitude to those who provide things like space, the Lab itself would be hard pressed to exist. While certainly not a perfect process (what is honestly?), WordBridge was the most unbelievable gathering of brilliant minds that I have ever been blessed to encounter. Though I gave everything I had and then some, what was returned to me is more than I can process even a month later. So, if a few words scrawled on a card can even further this rare and vital palace a tiny bit, then I would write a thousand.


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