A lovely night

Today was a day full of furniture arrival, finally unpacking everything into its proper place, swimming, and purchasing the proper peanut butter. I even managed to fit in a few lazy hours of reading Treasure Island on my kindle (while sitting on my gynormous new sofa). However, all this was eclipsed by the lovely outing I just had with a soon-to-be fellow co-worker. She is already working at the park, and has been doing so for the last month. We met via the internet a couple months back, because we were both looking for a roommate. Sadly, the roommate situation fell through, but we both were determined to meet up anyway. I am so glad our determination saw us to this evening. She-Wolf (as I will now refer to her), is a delightful human being who loves conversation as much as I do, and she is a most interesting person with so many experiences that boggle my brain. She has been working in entertainment for a while, and hearing her tales and trials was a delight. We stayed right up until close, and then proceeded to carry the conversation out to the lot for a few minutes longer. We share a number of important interests (including travel,movies, and snuggling under lots of blankets), and I can’t begin to express how excited I am to be working in the same vicinity as this individual. To sum it up, She-Wolf is nifty, and I am glad I whiled away the evening with her.


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