Successful and prettyful

Today was a day of wonderful successes, and some pretty moments that remind me that I can’t always be smarter than the average bear. Let us intersperse the highs and lows.

Success: Successfully unloaded the entire car (not counting the shoes stored in with the tire iron), which means the hutch and the topper are now inside my domicile. This is mostly due to the presence of a wonderful gentleman who drove over here on fairly short notice to offer his muscley self for the task of getting that piece of Narnia (hutch) up the stairs and into my living/dining/kitchen area.

Pretty moment: Went to Aldi to get food, and discovered all the carts locked together. Now, I have never been to an Aldi, and I do not know the protocol, thus I began to try and insert the odd shaped red thing hanging from the front cart into a tiny slit in the lock box on the same cart. Thankfully this tomfoolery did not last long as a charming 12 year old angel so sweetly said, “You gotta put a quarter in it.” Guess who decided to switch her purse today and NOT include the huge bag of quarters she has been carrying around for the last two weeks. The adolescent’s tone was so gracious that I felt moved to quickly step aside and proceed into the store without a cart.

Success: I took said gentleman mentioned in earlier success out to brunch as a thank you for his help. I took him to an absolutely fabulous place that my friend and I discovered on a previous trip here. The restaurant is called The Refinery, and it is seriously a perfect blend of delicious food made from local produce for reasonable prices. The Gentleman (as he will now be referred considering he might crop up again), was absolutely delighted with his Dirty Benedict, and I could not have been more in love with my Baby Daddy (biscuit with maple sausage gravy in case anyone needs clarification). Could not have asked for better fare.

Pretty Moment: Okay, so I kind of lied when I said I continued into the store immediately following being schooled in Aldi protocol by a pre-teen. As I turned from the carts, a guy walks up with a cart and says, “Anyone need a cart?” Thinking he was being awfully kind, I hailed him promptly. As I approached he said, “Got a quarter? For slot?” …..yeah, my life.

Success: I got everything loaded into the hutch, and I also got everything out of the way for my furniture tomorrow. Yes, I have been doing without any furniture for the past two days (huzzah air mattress!). Anyway, everything is compacted into the closet or the hutch, and it will be rearranged once the furniture is in bright and early tomorrow morning (swell).

Pretty moment: Purchased chunky peanut butter instead of creamy, and did not realize the error until I went to make my peanut butter and honey sandwich. Sad panda 😦

Oh the adventures of being a newly launched big kid.


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