A Place on Earth (title inspired by a fantastic store in the Washington Square Mall)

Victorain House in Cape MayEvery summer in my cognizant memory, I have come to Cape May, New Jersey. Now, Jersey does hold a stigma for being a rather unimpressive, some would even go so far as to say trashy, state. Indeed, this reputation is only furthered by depictions of it in popular culture from television to the basic paperback. While I cannot attest to the rest of the state, I do believe that anyone who holds the above view has never been to Cape May. This island is at the very most southern tip of New Jersey, down at the very end of the Garden State Parkway heading south. It is pretty much like any other beach town with an avenue running the length of its coastline, and people toddling about in little beyond their bathing suits and bare feet. However, what gives Cape May it’s unique appearance is the preservation of its architecture. This town was the first “seaside resort” in the United States, where the rich history of the Victorian era is evident all over the island. The Victorian mansions are now mostly bed and breakfasts, but they have been beautifully restored, and still maintain their glorious charm despite the modern surroundings. I do not dwell in these beauties. As a matter of fact, I do not even dwell on the island during my summer stay. My dad has a modest mobile home in a campground in Lower Township, which is about 10 minutes away. This has always suited just fine, because we not only have access to the Cape, but also to all the farmers markets and bike paths surrounding. I used to think that Cape May had the best of everything, and then as I grew older, I realized what most realize; the places where we return to only once a year often invoke a heightened state of wonder and well-being because they are special. Thus, objectively, Cape May is not terribly unique place on Earth. Personally, Cape May is one of the most lovely places on Earth. Either way, it is a place on Earth where I always hope to find myself at least for a brief time every summer.

PS If you are curious about the title inspiration, here is the link for the store online. They have incredible scents, and I personally purchased some Lemon/Lavender soap and some candles.



2 comments on “A Place on Earth (title inspired by a fantastic store in the Washington Square Mall)

  1. You succinctly put into words how I feel about Cape May and the other cities in the county. They really have my heart. (And A Place on Earth is one of my favorite stores there or anywhere!)

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